Promoting young researchers is a top priority at the GNPÖ!

Picture: Science Slam & Award Ceremony during the GNPÖ Annual Meeting 2021, from left to right: Lehrner, Hochrathner, Fruhwirth, Nguyen, Hechenberger, Guttmann, Strubreither, Pletschko, Lettner

High quality scientific papers were presented at the annual Science Slam, the best paper with the topic "Baseline white matter hyperintensities affect the course of cognitive function after small vessel disease-related stroke: a prospective observational study", was awarded the Giselher Guttmann Prize 2021. We congratulate Viktoria Fruhwirth, BSc MSc!

For the first time, the Wilhelm Strubreither Prize 2021 was awarded to Anja Hochrathner, BSc for her pilot study on the newly developed computerised procedure for early dementia detection "The International Neurocognitive Profile". At the request of its namesake, this new prize focuses on applied clinical neuropsychology as well as basic research. Ms Hochrathner has very deservedly received this prize, and we are delighted for her!

A prize is also always an obligation, we hope to hear a lot more from our prize winners in the future!