The regular Mid-Year Meeting 2020 INS & GNPÖ VIENNA MEETING cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemia

Dear Colleagues,

just like you we were really looking forward to meet you all in person in Vienna discussing your recent research findings and share a drink. We are very sorry we had to cancel the regular Mid-Year Meeting 2020 INS & GNPÖ VIENNA MEETING due to the COVID-19 pandemia. However, where one door closes, another opens…we therefore would like to invite you to a Virtual Experience held on the 1th and 2nd of July 2020. This is not going to be a direct translation from a regular meeting to a virtual meeting though. Your submitted abstracts and/or symposia were peer-reviewed and after acceptance will be published in JINS accordingly.  During the Virtual Experience, Invited Keynotes of exceptional quality will be provided in an interactive environment in the largest common shared timeframe. In addition, CE courses will be available. 

Next to the invited keynotes, you will be able to present your posters within our virtual (interactive) environment. We are very much excited to enter this new era of virtual possibilities together with you. More information on possibilities and acceptance will be sent to you shortly. In the meantime, stay safe!!

Best regards,

Mag. Dr. Sandra M. Lettner & Prof. Margaret O`Connor