2020 INS & GNPÖ Vienna Meeting

The International Neuropsychological Society (INS) and the Association for Neuropsychology Austria (GNPÖ) are proud to announce their joint congress in Vienna, Austria on July 1, 2020 through July 3, 2020. The conference will bring together neuropsychologists from different continents who are involved in applied and scientific investigations. Keeping with a lifespan approach, we invited speakers whose research probes the brain health and cognitive functions of children and adults. The conference will provide an overview of cutting edge scientific investigations as well as their clinical applications. Neuropsychologists from around the globe are invited to teach each other, to learn from each other and to have fun! Our congress theme, “The Neuropsychology of Pleasure, Dreaming and Memories” highlights the neuroscience of gender differences, emotions, and dreams. We are delighted to welcome you to the 2020 INS Meeting & GNPÖ Vienna Meeting.

This is the first time that the Association for Neuropsychology Austria (GNPÖ) and the International Neuropsychological Society (INS) will co-host a meeting. GNPÖ is a non-profit organization with a mission to increase awareness of neuropsychology and to strengthen the professional guild through national and international collaborations. As a founding member of the Federation of the European Societies of Neuropsychology (FESN), GNPÖ has a long history of collaborations with other European organizations. GNPÖ initiatives focus on improving the neuropsychology through quality management and educational efforts including the development of standards for clinical neuropsychology. GNPÖ has a 22 year history of building neuropsychology in Austria and Europe. The 2020 INS Meeting & GNPÖ Vienna Meeting will extend the reach of GNPÖ to neuropsychologists around the world.

INS was founded in 1967 as a scientific and educational organization dedicated to enhancing communication among the scientific disciplines which contribute to the understanding of brain-behavior relationships. The Society currently has more than 4700 members throughout the world and from various areas of practice. The mission of INS is to promote the international and interdisciplinary study of brain-behavioral relationships throughout the lifespan. The Society’s emphasis is on science, education, and the applications of scientific knowledge.