Webinar: Neural and Neuropsychological Consequences of prenatal exposure to alcohol (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder/FASD)

12.12.2022 bis 12.12.2022 - 17:00 bis 18:30 Uhr

In this webinar we will hear about
1. What is FASD
2. What is its worldwide prevalence
3. What are the neuro-psychological deficits associated with prenatal exposure to alcohol
4. A longitudinal study in Cape Town South Africa
5. The EEG/ERP findings that we found within this study and their plausible implications

12.December 2022 / 17.00-18.30

Webinar leader
Prof. Andrea Berger

Webinar, online

GNPÖ-Mitglieder € 40,-
BÖP-Mitglieder    € 40,-   
Nicht-Mitglieder  € 48,- 

Anrechnung auf das Curriculum
1.1. Neuropsychologische Syndrome (1 UE)
1.5. Entwicklungsneuropsychologie (1 UE)

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